Smoked Ricotta 300gr.


Legal definition: Formaggio a pasta dura, semicotta, prodotto con latte intero di pecora.

Commercial definition: Smoked Crotonese Ricotta.

Size: circa 0,300 Kg.

Ingredients: Sheep's milk whey, sheep's milk (origin:I taly),salt, smoked aroma.

Dimensions: Diameter from 10 to 20 cm and side height from 6 to 15 cm.

Processing: Soft-paste dairy product, with a truncated cone characteristic shape. The crust is thin and wrinkled while the texture is compact, soft and of a buttery and ivory-white color. The flavor is pleasantly salty and lightly smoked. Obtained by heating the whey at a temperature of 62 °C, by adding pasteurized sheep's milk and salt and then by heating it up to a temperature of 82 °C. Subsequently extracted by surfacing and placed in special baskets called "fiscelle ".Dry salted, cured for about 20-25 days and after smoked through an immersion in a liquid smoke solution.

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Seasoning: 20-25 days.
Packaging: A single product vacuum packed.
Type of package: Thermoformed polyamide and polythene film suitable for food contact.
Terms of sale: By weight.
Mode of transport: The product is transported in refrigerated vehicles.
Storage conditions: From 0° to+4°C.
How to consume: It can be eaten as it is, in flakes or used as an ingredient in food preparation.
Shelf life: 365 days from date of packaging.
Allergens: Lactose. It does not contain gluten and/or sources of gluten.


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