Cheese Box GOLD – Pecorino Crotonese DOP Stagionato


Gusto Intenso… le note erbacee qui diventano più profonde senza sconvolgere la dolcezza del latte.

Riconoscimenti medaglia d’oro all’International Cheese & Dairy Award 2022

Contenuto 1 forma da circa 2 Kg

Tipologia formaggio pecorino Crotonese DOP

Stagionatura stagionato (6 – 9 mesi)

Latte ovino 100% italiano, proveniente dal Marchesato crotonese

Conservanti nessun conservante

Ingredienti solo latte, caglio, sale e fermenti autoctoni provenienti dalla ceppoteca del Consorzio di tutela del pecorino Crotonese DOP

Shelf life un anno dal confezionamento

Packaging busta alimentare sottovuoto + cartone esterno brandizzato


Area of origin: The area of origin of this milk, the production and maturation of our Pecorino Crotonese PDO, includes the municipalities of the Province of Crotone.
Processing: The Pasteurised milk,inoculated with autochthonous probiotics, has kid rennet paste added to it,the curd then breaks down to the size of a grain of rice. The mass is semi-cooked at 42-44 °C, and the resulting paste is poured into basket moulds for manual pressing; finally the forms are stewed and dipped in whey at 55°C.
Seasoning: Between 60 and 90 days.
Packaging: A single product vacuum packed.
Type of package: Thermoformed polyamide and polythene film suitable for food contact.
Terms of sale: By weight.
Mode of transport: The product is transported in refrigerated vehicles.
Storage conditions: From 0° to+4°C.
How to consume: It can be eaten as it is, in flakes or used as an ingredient in food preparation.
Shelf life: 365 days from date of packaging.
Allergens: Milk. It does not not contain gluten and/or sources of gluten.