Cheese Box RED – Pecorino Calabrese al peperoncino


Taste full and very pleasant. The chilli pepper does not lend harsh spiciness to the cheese, but offers fullness of taste with light spicy notes.

Content 1 form of about 2 kg

Typology Pecorino cheese with pepper

Seasoning seasoned (15 – 20 days)

Milk 100% Italian sheep

Food preservatives NO preservatives

Ingredients only milk, rennet, salt and red pepper flakes

Shelf life one year from packaging

Packaging vacuum food bag + branded outer carton


Processing: Il latte pastorizzato, viene addizionato con caglio di capretto in pasta; la cagliata, dunque, subisce una rottura alle dimensioni di un chicco di riso e addizionato con scaglie di peperoncino. La massa viene semicotta a 42-44°C, la pasta ottenuta viene versata in canestri per la pressatura manuale; infine, le forme vengono stufate a vapore per un periodo di 120-240 minuti.
Seasoning: 15/20 days.
Packaging: A single product vacuum packed.
Type of package: Thermoformed polyamide and polythene film suitable for food contact.
Terms of sale: By weight.
Mode of transport: The product is transported in refrigerated vehicles. Mode of conservation: From 0°to +4 C.
How to consume: It can be eaten as it is, in flakes or used as an ingredient in food preparation.
Shelf life: 180 days from date of packaging.
Allergens: Milk, chili. It does not contain gluten and/or sources of gluten.

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