The CROTONESE Marquisate is a unique place, with its hills, its proximity to the woods of Sila, and the Ionian sea, with its a thousand years history. Here the fluctuations of population different in culture and traditions were intermingled, very strong commercial and social ties were established. The transhumance of cattle has represented life for many of these people ,and even today breeding and grazing represent a deep culture of this territory, an important part of its identity. These places rich in tree species and with favorable climate offer today and offered then so much abundance for cattle that repaid by giving the milk that produced a delicious pecorino cheese highly appreciated by bishops and(the)Bourbons. The dividing line between these two worlds indispensable to each other was the fair of Mulerà where most of the trade took place in harmony.

Il Marchesato crotonese è un luogo unico, con le sue colline, la sua vicinanza ai boschi della Sila, e al mare Jonio, con la sua storia millenaria. Qui si sono intrecciate le vicissitudini di popolazioni differenti per cultura e tradizioni, sono nati legami commerciali e sociali fortissimi. La transumanza del bestiame ha rappresentato la vita per molti di queste genti, e ancora oggi l’allevamento e il pascolo rappresentano una cultura profonda di questo territorio, una parte importante della sua identità.


The paste is slightly straw colored and has rare You recognize the Pecorino Crotonese PDO for its veins left on the crust by the basket. Like the lines on the palm of the hand, these signs, embroidered all around, tell the story and the tradition of this cheese that is still made following an ancient and slow procedure.... Keep reading


To made a good cheese, you first need good milk and to have milk with an incomparable taste you need vigorous sheep that can graze free and eat the native tree species. That's why our livestock is fed mainly on pasture with green fodder.. Keep reading


Transforming milk into pecorino cheese is a magic that cannot be explained, an art that cannot be improvised .You need a great passion, you have to be born in these places, to have lived there, you have to know all the secrets, of milk, of,aromas, passed on for generations, knowing how to measure out the slow and repetitive gestures of know-how. It is necessary to have a pure heart and temperament for the transformation to take place as it has been handed down since over time.



Together we are stronger

Calabrialleva was created from the legacy built over time and on the territory by Apocc, a cooperative society of sheep and goat breeders from Calabria. It is based on mandatory principles of respect, enhancement and sharing. Attention is paid first of all to local producers, the real protagonists of this small great revolution, who can so proudly continue a working tradition passed on from generation to generation. All this allows us to offer safe and protected product, with a high level of food quality, to be customer friendly. This Participatory Guarantee System is an innovative means for the enhancement of products in the short supply chain. It basically means going back to have more strength and voice in the matter. But there's more. A structured local production contributes to safeguarding the environment, culture and identity of hese places…. Keep reading


The crotonese pecorino PDO has to be tasted on its own to appreciate all its natural flavor, but if you are a little bit artistic or a little bit adventurous you can use it with jams and honey, and eat it with a strong and decisive wine or a good craft beer.If you want to make everyone speechless pour yourself a glass of bubbly and end the day like this.






Calabrialleva by APOCC
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